Hi, I’m Mostafa Akbari, a graphic designer and 3D artist
based on Toronto, Canada. You can take a look at my
works that I’ve done in a few years. These works are
different,from graphic design related to 3D arts.

Graphic Design and Illustration Works

Alexander Showcase Theatre Project

Graphic Design
Volunteering works at a theatre as an assistant graphic designer

FPM Project

Graphic Design
Brand redesign for a community centre

Hydralize Project

Graphic Design
Brand design, logo design and package design (college project).

Cover Book Redesign

Graphic Design
Made in Photoshop (college project).

Winnie The Pooh Illustration

An illustration made with Photoshop.

Animated Crane Illustration

An animated illustration made by Illustrator and After Effect.

Christmas Illustration

A Christmas card illustration. Made by a few pre-made assets (except the house).

Assassin Keedy Illustration

An illustration based on ScribbleNetty concept.

Robot Illustration

An illustration I made based on my Inktober drawing.

Ready Player One – Animated

This is a fan art I made with Adobe Illustrator and After Effect.


An illustration I made with Adobe Illustrator.

Journey and Abzu

An illustration made with Adobe Illustrate, based on Journey and Abzu video games.

3D Art Works

Blog Posts

I also write some blogs about arts and design. Check my recent posts down here!


Creating My Longest 3D Project

This past year with quarantine and stay-home order made me work on big art projects. Those projects that I have in mind, but it takes me too long to complete. Well, IRead More...
By : mosakba | Apr 6, 2021

My Inktober 2019 Experience

Another year has passed since I finished my first Inktober challenge. Last year October 2018, was the first year I joined the art community to do the Inktober challenge. I previously describedRead More...
By : mosakba | Nov 12, 2019

What I Learned Making A Sci-fi Concept Art in Blender 3D

I always wanted to create a Science Fiction concept art in Blender 3D. I’m not familiar with making concept arts but I’ve seen many in websites like Artstation and Instagram. Beeple worksRead More...
By : mosakba | Jul 22, 2019

Random Render Challenge

Have you ever had a feeling to finish an art project, but it seemed not worthy to complete? Did it feel like a waste of time or it wouldn’t turn out well?Read More...
By : mosakba | May 17, 2019

Same Model, Different Lighting

I’ve read in a post that light is the most important thing in a 3D render. Light setup can bring up a mood and it can guide your eyes. So, for myRead More...
By : mosakba | Jan 14, 2019

My Inktober 2018 Experience

As the header and thumbnail of this post shows I’m going to write about my experience doing this year’s Inktober challenge (2018). First of all let me explain what is Inktober challenge!Read More...
By : mosakba | Nov 13, 2018

Sketchfab Project: Family On A Stroll

Have you ever submitted your art to those online contest? You probably didn’t win, even though you worked hard on it. Did you know that they chose one winner out of allRead More...
By : mosakba | Sep 3, 2018

Design Challenge: Random Logo Design

Sometimes artists and designers give themselves challenge. It’s not a good thing to practice around the same area of expertise. Sometimes it’s fine to take a leap of faith and explore differentRead More...
By : mosakba | Apr 23, 2018

3D Abstract Art

It’s such a different style to jump into. It’s all based on the aesthetic and there is no rule or layout in it. Well, there is a big overall layout into abstractRead More...
By : mosakba | Feb 21, 2018

How I Create My Tumblr Posts

Every one has style when they create something new. My style is more toward aesthetic and unique design. I sometimes spend half a day or even more to create something simple, yetRead More...
By : mosakba | Dec 8, 2017

Geometric Photo Collage

2 weeks ago, on June 30 I decided to post my Canada Day artwork on Tumblr and just after a few hours it got 20 likes. This was the most liked andRead More...
By : mosakba | Jul 18, 2017

Tungsten Flares – 3D Render

This is my latest rendered scene. I was inspired by a Pinterest post before I worked on this scene. I knew I was going to create something out of umbrellas. First IRead More...
By : mosakba | Apr 12, 2017