It’s such a different style to jump into. It’s all based on the aesthetic and there is no rule or layout in it. Well, there is a big overall layout into abstract art, which is the motion and direction, but after that things are randomly placed. It’s all about shapes, lines and colours to create the composition. The composition can be centric, symmetric, or asymmetric. I have tried to create my own abstract arts and it was interesting. I used Blender 3D software to model, texture and render. For my first abstract art I used asymmetric and objects point to a direction. For my second one I decided to create diagonal and it also has a flow and direction into it.

I made these as experiment to be more familiar with this style. There are so many artists whom works I’ve seen and I really wanted to try it. It might look simple and so randomly made, but there’s technique into it. Below you can find two of my arts that I have made. I also recorded my speed modeling on how I made the second one.

Big grey sphere hovering at lower left corner with small beads spirling to top and box shapes in background

My first attempt into abstract art

Cracked ground with uneven surface and orange crystal orbs flying through the two cracked surfaces

My second attempt at abstract art

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