Hello and welcome to my blog page! Finally after many weeks I’m publishing my first official post in this website. Setting up a wordpress website is easy, but customizing takes longer time.

First, let me introduce myself! I’m Mostafa Akbari, a graphic designer. I was born and raised in Iran, but I’m originally from Afghanistan. In 2007 my family and I moved to Toronto, Canada for a better living. I studied in Stephen Leacock high school located at Scarborough and there, I found out that I like Art and I’m really creative. After graduation I studied at Seneca College in Graphic Design program. I learned so much stuff and it opened my eyes and brain into design world. I like print design the most. It’s something that I’m more comfortable to design. Beside doing graphic design works, I’m also capable to do 3D works, like modeling and compositing. I currently use Blender 3D software for my 3D works creation. I like it because it’s ……free and because I believe there shouldn’t be boundaries for artists.

Anyway, in this blog page you will see more posts about different topics, from graphic design related articles to 3D related articles. I will also post some of my works here and maybe some small tutorials. If you are a graphic designer let me know what you want to learn about 3D world and if you are a 3D artist let me know what you want to know about Graphic Design world.

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