This past year was interesting. I worked on my animating skills and what I was really intrigued by, VFX. Since I was young I was really excited to see how they make my favourite movies that have VFX shots. It was really amusing to see how they create huge spaceship whether scaled down mock-up or full CG shot and combining them to the video they separately recorded.

I recreated a shot from The Batman movie and worked on a render inspired by Dune 2021 movie. I’ve also dipped my toes on animation and Unreal Engine. Now that was something new and fresh but at the same time challenging and frustrating. I think last year I did a lot of exploring and learning. I wanted to discover new paths for my art career and find out if I like these or not and it turned out I enjoyed and want to make arts in UE5 more (well, at least finish my unfinished UE projects at first).

I also participated in Create with Clint’s render challenge, “Moving Meditations”. In that one I designed my own character. By that I mean the clothing, mask and hat was done by me but the character was generated in Make Human. Check my submission along with other renders here. YouTube video about how I made it.

Anyway, I rate this past year as a learning year. Hopefully this year I increase my revenue by creating more and selling them in websites. Below is a collection of renders I made using Blender 3D and DaVinci Resolve. You can check more renders in my Instagram.

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