Every one has style when they create something new. My style is more toward aesthetic and unique design. I sometimes spend half a day or even more to create something simple, yet unique. For example my Tumblr posts. I usually post inspirational quotes and from a year ago I decided to make each of them different. Every quote has different mood so I make the layout and design accordingly.

Some examples of Tumblr posts

In my recent Tumblr Post I used rainbow colours and cloud texture, because the quote that I was working  on mentioned about ‘rainbow’ and ‘cloud’. When I make these quotes I try to aim toward repetivness and consistency. If I use a colour on a design I try to use it in more parts and if I choose a font I decide to stick with it. As a graphic designer Typography is important to me, so I spend a huge amount time on type orientation, spacing, font and kerning. Experimenting is my way of design. I mostly experiment on different fonts and colours and if the colour or font doesn’t work I change the style and start over. Sometimes I even follow different direction if something doesn’t work out. I work on things until it looks great and reach my satisfaction.

Collection of my Tumblr Posts

Some of my Tumblr posts

When I worked on the Angelou’s quote I wanted to assign each colours on the strokes of semi-circle, but since the design looked clustered and unoriginal I inserted the rainbow colour inside the shape (as shown in the video). After that I thought that I can also put the rainbow colours inside the extruded section, so the consistency floats around. As it’s shown in the recorded video I started this project from searching. It is my first few steps into a new project, because with some few fresh sparks in the brain you can generate a sky full of stars. In other steps, tools and assets are required. I usually use Adobe CC on these works, because they are fully supported and trusty, but other tools can do the job. Assets such as textures and fonts can be found online. I personally use textures.com for photos and textures. They have wide categories of textures for 2D and 3D projects. The rest of my progress is just playing around with the type and colours until it hits the sweet point of satisfaction. You can watch my full process in creating a Tumblr post on YouTube, from the link down below and you can view the final version.

Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud. By Maya Angelou

Final Version

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