That was a good question that I asked myself and in this post, I’m going to answer it. It was actually hard to find a suitable wordpress template and customize it based on my liking, and not to mention that it is the first wordpress that I set up on my own. So, why did I bother myself? Why did I spend my time building this blog? A blog which I’m not going to post regularly! A blog that is not even professional.

I think every designers should build their own blogs, or at least open an account where they can post their art works. A social link like Behance, Deviant Art, or Art Station is a necessity that a designer should have. How regularly they update it or post things are not important. I built this blog because it’s my own place. I can write articles, post art works or even make tutorials. There are other reasons why I made this page:


Running a blog page is a productive way to pass the time. Now, if I’m free and have an idea for a post, I can put them here. Being productive everyday is beneficial for designers. They can experiment with different styles, gain experience in a field and spend the time in a way they like. This can even be a way to practise creative writing (especially good for me because English is not my first language). I believe designers should be productive everyday and blogging is another way.


Blog page is like a small virtual studio. This studio belongs to one or more people. They can post educational materials, inspirational articles, news articles, and even personal materials. My blog is open, everyone can read it and there will be educational and personal projects. Blog posts can be about anything. I might even post about interactive design or about video games (because I like video games). There are companies and small businesses that run their services through blogs and promote their selling products.


As I mentioned you can run your business with blog page. There are design offices that post articles online through blogs and there are artists who promote their arts online. Some artists post tutorial articles for people who want to learn about that field. There are also more people who sell their art works, paintings, illustrations, and even design templates online.


Finally with all these bothering and hassle, you can actually find some people who need help for their services. If I post some illustrations and other art works, some people might like my designs and they offer me to work on a project for them. You can find some clients through blogging. If your designs look great in their eyes, they might contact you and hire you.

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