2 weeks ago, on June 30 I decided to post my Canada Day artwork on Tumblr and just after a few hours it got 20 likes. This was the most liked and reblogged post on my Tumblr page and I usually get a couple of likes and reblogged. So since so many people liked this type of design, I created a timelapse or tutorial type of video on Youtube. The video shows my process on how I achieve this kind of effect. Back to my Canada Day post I used “Museo Sans Rounded” font and Canada’s flag with red colour overlayed on top. What looks appealing on this one is the flipped image used as the border and simplicity of it.

Canada Day Tumblr Post

Canada Day Tumblr Post

For the timelapse video I decided to create triangular pattern and, duplicate and rotate it to create this geometric pattern. For the background I used free stock photo from StockSnap.io . The picture that I chose is a shot of a lighthouse, because I wanted to place the middle part of the pattern on a photo that resembles mountain or something shining. On this video I used Adobe Illustrator to make the vector shapes and Photoshop to compose the shapes onto the photo. Working on a piece like this is challenging and there are many times that one piece had to be tweaked and shouldn’t affect other parts. So for this reason using masks and non-destructive method is important. For this art piece I used clipping mask for composition and masked layers for editing layers. At the end for finishing touch I used text and rounded edge border to make it more appealing.

Photo Geometry Collage of a lighthouse

The final version of the time lapsed video

Here are some more examples that I created, using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. You can see that it’s such a useful method and it can be used in different styles.

Life Is An Adventure photo collage

Photo Geometry can be used in different art styles!

Dare to Drive photo geometry

Another example of using Photo Geometry

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